What Is A Healthy Weight Loss In 2021?

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Losing weight is not a piece of cake, and as most people recommend you to stay miles away from your favorite foods like cakes or Fast Food. When it comes to losing weight, everybody has tons of opinions and ideas that can be overwhelming at times. The internet is overflowing with all the tips and tricks of weight loss and one doesn’t know where to draw the line. The ultimate truth is weight loss is very subjective as everyone is different, their bodies are different so are their responses towards a specific diet. Genetics, medical conditions, willpower, age group, gender all impact the weight loss process but one thing is assuredly true that a healthy weight loss is one that is sustainable.


Everyone desires rapid weight loss results and the whole weight loss industry is built around how to lose weight quickly but it definitely is not the most effective approach towards dropping weight. To guarantee that the weight loss is healthful and doesn’t cause any side effects, it’s best to go for a continuous slow weight loss. This is not something you would like to hear, but how quickly you lose weight there is a higher chance of gaining it back. In 2021, the only suitable way to have a healthy weight loss is to take it slow so it can help in the long run.

What Are The Reasons Why Slow Weight Loss Is Healthy?

Slow weight loss is a time-consuming process and it won’t help you to fit quickly into your old outfits, but it gives more suitable healthy outcomes. We have jotted down a few points about why everyone should consider losing weight slowly to ensure a healthy weight loss.

  • Maintainable Weight Loss:

Losing weight is quite tough but there are tons of tools, products, and programs available that might help you get rid of those extra pounds but do you know maintaining a healthy weight is way more difficult? A huge majority of people who lose weight quickly end up gaining it back after some time. Rapid weight loss slows down the metabolism and halts the process of weight loss after some time. Slow weight loss is not only healthy but it also doesn’t affect your metabolism so you keep dropping weight at a steady pace. Slow weight loss will help you to develop sustainable habits that prevent you from gaining the weight back.

  • Safer Weight Loss:

The fundamental reason behind losing weight is to become overall healthy and if you don’t achieve that there is no point in doing all the hard work. Rapid weight loss can cause several health problems like nutrient deficiency, heart problems, brain fog, loss of water, and much more because most people go on very restrictive diets to achieve faster results. Losing weight slowly is healthy and safe. It prepares your body slowly for the changes you have made in your lifestyle and the body adapts accordingly.

  • Prevents Muscle Loss:

When you’re on a strict diet to get immediate results, it’s highly likely that by aiming to reduce fat, you also lose a lot of muscle mass. When the body isn’t getting sufficient calories to function, it starts using alternative sources for energy, and muscle cells being one of them. A slow weight loss is a healthy weight loss as it prevents muscle loss and you will be able to maintain a toned body. A rapid weight loss will make your skinny fat that might look good when you’re clothed but overall your body would be in bad shape.

  • No Loose Skin Problem:

Loose skin is a common occurrence in people who opt for rapid weight loss. When you lose a huge amount of weight in a short span, despite being an elastic organ, the skin is unable to adapt to this sudden change in the body.  As a result, you will get saggy skin on your arm and below the belly button which doesn’t like good, retains water, and causes inconvenience. To avoid all these nuisances, opt for a slow healthy weight loss which gives sufficient time to the skin to contract.

  • Healthy Hairs & Skin:

Rapid weight loss can cause hair fall and also squeezes the shine of your skin. People who aim for fast weight loss reduce their food intake and their body doesn’t get the essential dose of vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients that cause these problems. A slow healthy weight loss will ensure that your body doesn’t get deprived of vital nutrients, and you have ample energy to perform your daily activities and workouts. Exercise makes you sweat and the toxins are removed from your skin giving it a clear, vibrant appearance.

Bottom Line:

If you want a healthy weight loss in 2021, start taking small steps and slowly move towards your weight loss goals as it is the only healthy weight loss approach. Avoid consuming junk food, sugary drinks, incorporate a workout routine in your daily life, and eat wholesome foods to kickstart the weight loss process, and adopt sustainable habits.


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