What is a Food-service Consultant?

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What’s a Food-service Consultant?

Most of the time, a food service consultant is an independent professional adviser that, for a specified range of work and relevant fee, works being an advocate for his or her client in achieving their aims throughout the design and execution of foodservice facilities and/or operations/management techniques.  Consultants provide expertise, wisdom and experience to provide assistance that will not exist or simply by providing resources unavailable at the moment.  As individual professionals, their principal focus would be the welfare of their customer organization they function. Contact Nitin Tandon if you are looking for Food photography Mumbai.

Very educated from the foodservice and hospitality sector

Provides specific/specialized experience

Ordinarily demanded limited, given interval

Offers a high degree of business expertise

Advises and instructs customers on a wide Assortment of subjects

Provides independent, objective information

Facilitates between project staff and Food Service operations professionals

Functions as an advocate for Food Service operations

Enhances customer’s business


Accounting & Finance

Beverage System design

Capital Budgeting

Compliance Certification

Contract Management

Dietary & Nutrition


Equipment Surveys

Facility Assessments

Finance Raising

Food Safety & Hygiene

Individual Resources

Home Design

Kitchen Design

LEED Planning/Design

Mgt Recruitment & Development

Master Planning

Operating Procedures & Systems

Operator RFP Selection/Monitoring

Revenue Generation

Strategic Financial Analysis


Workshops and Instruction

Architectural Design

Business Strategy

Code Compliance

Concept Development

Culinary Development


Energy & Environment

Executive Coaching

Feasibility Studies

Food Production Systems Design



IT Systems, Sourcing/Mgt

Laundry Design

Legal Advice/Litigation Service

Marketing & Promotion

Menu Development/Engineering

Operations Review & Re-Engineering

Quality Management

Space Planning


Waste Management Design

Work Station Ergonomics/Design


A choice was made to tackle a development/design project involving construction of new food service facilities.

Ownership/Management have Determined to reestablish Present Food Service centers

Ownership/Management had recognized a need to possess an evaluation of present facilities ran as part of a very long range funding budgeting process

Ownership/Management has recognized the requirement to get a master planning exercise

A choice has been created to create or re-engineer a Food-service operation/concept

Ownership/Management considers that operational functionality might be improved however Isn’t sure what to do to create those improvements

Ownership/Management Doesn’t Have the specific knowledge and skills required to resolve an identified problem

Ownership/Management gets the Essential knowledge and abilities but Doesn’t have time Required to successfully solve the problem

Ownership/Management Demands a different, third party view, possibly to affirm a choice or to provide options

Ownership/Management’s efforts haven’t produced the desirable longterm Outcomes

How Can I FIND a Reliable Food-service CONSULTANT?

You’re able to seek advice from various sources such as help in finding and choosing a reliable foodservice consultant.  Your system of professional colleagues, your trade association and the neighbourhood restaurant institution are all great sources of advice.  You can also opt to show into the Foodservice Consultants Society International to receive aid.  We’ve got an internet consultant search functionality with this internet site or you can contact one of the government offices nearest for you.

FIND an Associate



When considering a food-service project, a FCSI consultant ought to really be your first option.  FCSI will be the sole such consulting society which works on a global basis.  FCSI asserts a world wide attention on members from over 45 countries specializing in providing the maximum grade of service.  FCSI consultant members must follow a strict Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct.  They work effectively to attain complete customer satisfaction and consistently maintain liberty from the distribution side of their business.

The FCSI Code of Conduct is directed by three master fundamentals (in order of priority):

Your Customer’s Interests

The General Public’s Interests

The Profession’s Interests

Consultant associates need to take part within the FCSI Continuing Professional Growth program by attend informative conferences that focus on leading edge advancements in the food service market.  Members also provide the advantage of networking with other professionals at the food service industry throughout Society sponsored activities and events.  As a way to obtain acceptance in to the Society, members must meet strict criteria promising their experience and over each of professionalism.


Food service consultants operate as separate business people who have firms ranging in size from 1 man to large operations with numerous offices across the world.  Some consultants function primarily near their homebase while some are crossing the entire world using projects on multiple continents.

— in Addition to this distribution of products to the Business

Will Not supply/sell gear

Doesn’t work to get a commission

Serves just the very best interests of this Customer

— Negotiates a predetermined fee for a specified scope of work Before starting a mission

— Would work right for proprietor, operator, programmer, or builder

— Normally has many customers simultaneously


There are a Couple of factors to consider when selecting the Appropriate Food Service consultant for the own endeavor:

Request colleagues and alternative educated industry executives for all referrals.  Assess all of your credentials and also grant each candidate exactly the exact criteria for the project.

Require references and follow them up, inquiring:

Are you currently content with the professional services performed?

Can you hire this consultant again?

Can they meet your own deadlines?

Can the consultant coordinate properly with different specialists on this project?

Request each consultant to spell out their very best approach for your circumstance.  This is simply not details or asking just an overall outline of this problem-solving process.

Go to and scrutinize a few of these projects.  If that is impossible, telephone the operators and also talk honestly about their degree of satisfaction with the consultant’s operation.

Try to interview each finalist inperson.  Facetoface meetings are valuable.

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