What are the features available in Instagram Stories and how can we use them?

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Instagram Stories is one of the favourite features and is widely used all across the world. Here are some of the most interesting sub-features of Instagram and we’ve explained their usage as well.


As in the Instagram platform, you have the opportunity to add filters to your content on the Stories platform. After taking a photo or video, you can swipe the screen left and right to add the filter you want from the available options. Unlike Instagram filters, the filter options in Stories do not give you any information about which filter you are looking at and do not allow you to change the density of the filter.


Instagram Stories offers a number of drawing functions to reveal your inner artist. To access these functions, simply click on the pencil icon in the upper right corner of the screen. After clicking the pencil icon, three tools are displayed at the top of the screen. Pen, felt-tip pen and neon brush. After selecting the pen option, you will see the default colours at the bottom of the screen. If you wish, if you hold down any colour option, you can access the colour scale and adjust the colour tone you want by playing with the colours. You can also determine the thickness of your pen tip thanks to the bar on the left of the screen.

Add text

It is also possible to add articles with your own thoughts or content-related information to Instagram Stories. There are two ways to add text to your story. Whichever method you prefer; you will have options to add text as a result.

When you click on the three horizontal line icons in the upper left corner of the screen, you can move your text to the right or left or centre it exactly. Note that the default option is “centre”. As with the drawing option, you can choose among the colour tones at the bottom of the screen in the option to add text, or you can reach the colour scale by holding down any colour and you can get the exact colour tone you want.

You can adjust the size of your article on the bar on the left of the screen. You don’t have to rely on the post editor to change the location and size of your post. If you wish, you can hold the text and move it wherever you want, you can enlarge and shrink the text just like in a photo with two fingers, and you can rotate the text around itself with your finger movements. So instead of the standard horizontal of your text, you can also do it diagonally. It’s entirely up to you.

Unlike Snapchat, Instagram Stories don’t have a text limit. Understand this thoroughly. Add a post and make any edits you want. Then add another new post and make any edits you want. You can add as many texts as you want because there are absolutely no limits to this.


Can you imagine a non-emoji social media platform? Instagram Stories takes the fun and liveliness that emojis add to content one step further, and many people do not stick to the usual facial expressions that symbolize their emotions, giving them the chance to add many kinds of decorative stickers to your content.

With the stickers you can customize, you can add stickers that will give you information about the location, weather and time of your content. The location option in Stories works the same way you would add content to your regular Instagram feed. You can search for a location or select any of the locations you come across. While watching your story, users can click on the paste to learn about the location of the story. We just need to state that your story will not appear on the “location” page.


You don’t just have to share photos and videos on Instagram Stories. It is also possible to shoot video clips like GIF, forwards or backwards. These videos take place under the name of Boomerang and add a lot of colour and movement to your stories. To shoot videos in Boomerang format, go to the Instagram Stories camera and change the default “normal” option to “Boomerang”. It’s that simple. Now you can capture your videos in GIF format and start capturing the attention of your followers. Just click and take a series of photos. Then let Instagram put these photos taken in Boomerang video format.

Live broadcast

The live streaming feature of Instagram is included in Instagram Stories. To broadcast live, go to the Stories camera and go to the “Live” option, then click the “Start Live” button to start your broadcast. During the live broadcast, there will be the word “live” under your profile photo in the Stories bar above the broadcast stream. Your friends and followers will receive notifications about it as soon as you start broadcasting and start watching you.


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