Weight Loss Tips- Without Exercise

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Weight Loss Tips – Without Exercise


Though exercises make our metabolism better, that helps us in reducing our extra body weight. But it is not impossible to shred extra pounds without exercise. The option is a balanced diet that can do wonders if we follow the same routine for a certain period. 


Due to day-night work pressure, not everyone can manage a healthy lifestyle. A nutritious diet is a major part of a healthy lifestyle. Ignorance of a balanced diet ultimately leads to obesity and due to that problem many people are asking how to lose weight without exercise as they do not have much time for a physical workout. So in this article, we will try our best to share with you the weight loss tips which will ensure that you are going to be having a good body and healthy life. First of all, you need to remember that you need to read this article till the end to get the good output you require.


A variety of methods are there which will be proven useful for you to maintain ideal body weight and that too without exercising. Some of them are listed here:


  1. Have small portions:

One of the first weight loss tips from our side would be to have a small plate in your hand. Having a small plate will allow you to take less amount of food on your plate due to lack of space and eventually it will make you lose weight.


The study shows that you are going to feel full during the whole of your day if you are eating a small amount of food at regular and planned intervals. 


You can fill up the small bowl with the fiber and similar stuff but due to lack of space you can’t put much food in that, and that is the reason we are recommending that you have the small plates at your disposal to eat less and be healthy.


As human beings when our serving plate is big, we think that we haven’t eaten much, so we try to fill up that to the border and eat a lot of it and eventually get obese. You can put different types of meals in small portions instead of putting everything on one plate.


2. Breakfast is essential:

Lack of enough time is the problem of this era. Due to lack of time, many people don’t care about the breakfast they should eat, and this is not at all a good approach. If you are willing to lose weight then the best weight loss tip is to have a good breakfast including fiber and protein, which will ensure that you feel full all day and will eat a lesser amount of food in the latter half of the day. 


Eat eggs with milk along with juice to give you a good amount of breakfast intake. Taking fiber at breakfast time is beneficial, and you can have that through eggs and nuts. Ideally, the breakfast should be heavier a bit as compared to other meals of the day. 


3. Add water-based foods to your diet:

Research has shown that if you eat watery fruits and vegetables, then your stomach will remain healthy and you will not eat a lot of calories but in fact, will feel full.


  1. Eat one watermelon every day along with cucumber.

  2. Juicy fruits like oranges and apples are going to give you good energy and a full feeling.

  3. You should eat salads of all kinds at the start of your meals

  4. Soups are also essential in this matter and will not only be beneficial for your health but also will allow you to have weight loss.

  5. You can easily find these water-filled foods around you so try to eat that and get the weight loss tip work for you effectively.


4. Consume chocolate occasionally:

Experts tell us that if you are going to be too deprived of sweet things, then your body will feel weak and will desire more than usual. This is the reason; the study tells us that you can eat occasional chocolates in small portions to allow you to calm your savor for a sweet treat.


  1. Eat ½ cup of dark chocolate.

  2. White chocolate along with nuts are going to work out too.


5. Have nuts:


Many people don’t know but nuts are the dry fruits of all kinds that help you out to lose extra bodyweight yours. The study has shown that if a person eats pistachios in his daily diet, then he will feel that he is full and doesn’t need many calories to eat later on. Nuts are not free of calories, so you don’t need to eat that in bulk, but you can eat a small portion size which will keep you fuller and allow you to enjoy your daily routine.


  1. 1 cup of almonds should be in your daily diet.

  2. 2 inches of peanuts is a necessary diet for weight loss.


6. Eat spicy food:

Eating or having spicy food like chili pepper will reduce your appetite for food and will make your metabolism uptight.


  1. Some chickpeas along with chili pepper can be had in the afternoon.

  2. Spice on the cucumber is also beneficial in this regard.


7. Eat supplements:

From a weight loss viewpoint, protein consumption is really important and if you are not fulfilling your protein needs then you can even fulfill the body’s protein requirement by consuming protein supplements. The quantity can be decided as per your diet or body’s requirement for protein. 


8. Make snacks healthier:

Research shows that one-third of people’s daily energy intake is acquired from snacking. Eventually, snacking has been increased over a period of time, resulting in people getting obese. However, snacks can be prepared healthily to increase the fullness and thus reduce the number of calories that people intake during their meals. Healthy options of snacking may include:

  1. Yogurt 

  2. Fox Nuts

  3. A handful of unflavoured or unsalted nuts


Though plenty of options must be there to reduce weight without exercise, the tips mentioned above may help you start maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Adding a bit of physical exercise to these lifestyle changes may give you even better results. 


9. Herbal Tea is a weight loss savior:

Consuming 2 to three cups of hot tea throughout the day will suffice for weight loss. The exact amount can vary from person to person dependent on the amount of caffeine they take in and their metabolism.

Herbal tea is available in a variety of forms however, for weight loss, there aren’t likely to be major distinctions between these varieties. Pure, minimally processed teas will likely contain the highest nutritional amount.

It is believed that green tea is to be safe to drink. But care must be taken in certain situations because large amounts of caffeine could cause issues for people at the risk of developing heart issues or those with high blood pressure.


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