Top 5 Natural Landscapes in Cape Town You Must See

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South African region has consistently been a most loved escape destination for worldwide explorers and unlike many countries across the African mainland, South Africa rich with an abundant variety of features that have been making it an ideal escape option all over the year. 


A nation with more than one capital, South Africa has a number of great cities. But if you are looking to have the best insight ever with seamless levels of comfort, luxury, natural bliss, and attractive activities, Cape Town can be the best alternative for you to explore. Highlighting a wide array of cultural, historical, and natural destinations. So, start planning for your next getaway and book virgin atlantic reservations right away to board on a direct flight to Cape Town. As you know, Cape Town has it all. So, if you are a nature lover and searching for the best natural beauty to explore. Here we are with the list of top 5 Natural Landscapes you must see in Cape Town

Cape of Good Hope 

Among the most reputed and visited natural destinations of the whole area, Cape of Good Hope or just known as Cape Point is among the most hypnotizing sights to appreciate the great excellence of Mother Nature while being invigorated with the perspective on the mountains, rocks, sea, streets and impeccable sparkling brilliant skyline. With its everlasting regular magnificence and criticalness with the set of experiences and culture of the city just as a country, Cape of Good Hope has gotten one of the most significant and delightful spots to visit in the city. With a variety of abandoned seashores, rough mountain trails, and amazing sights, you can appreciate the loosening up encompassing with standout regular euphoria. 

Table Mountain 

It is the most visited place in the whole city, preferably popular for its trolley ride and the public Park, Table Mountain is among the most striking regular scenes in the whole South Africa, parting with the delightful perspective on the grand drifts just as the city from its pinnacle. Home to a bountiful assortment of vegetation and faunas, Table Mountain is a significant mainstream place for explorers to appreciate the grand long climbing trails that prompts the most beautiful sight of the whole district and part with a great perspective on dusk alongside a variety of other extraordinary joys. Explorers can visit here promptly toward the beginning of the day and can return to the base before it closes as the trolley works according to the public save timings that really change according to the season. 

Camps Bay 

Situated on the foothills of Table Mountain, Camps Bay is among the most intriguing and beautiful laid-back regular spots in the whole city, preferably acclaimed for its tough footpath and sandy seashores. Voyagers from around the globe taking trips to Cape Town regularly visit here to appreciate a sublime night while looking at the western edge of the city and getting a charge out of the shimmering bars and clubs with the quality alcohol and music that can make anybody groove. Not at all like various seashores that are situated on the edge of Cape Town, Camps Bay has this traveler amicable seashore that isn’t too cold to even think about skipping swimming and you can altogether appreciate an invigorating dunk in the moderate temperature water that will give you a hypnotizing experience to start your day in Cape Town. 

Boulders Beach

Found near False Bay, one of the most clamoring and flawless seashores of the city, Boulder Beach is genuinely a heavenly encounter and a differentiation offering element to the wonderful conurbation of Cape Town. Highlighting heaps of experience sports and flourishing climate to appreciate the seashore sports, Boulders Beach is a wonderful sight with characteristic rapture. Absorb some sun, burrow down some sand and appreciate the shining ocean while you are at Boulders Beach and appreciate a day loaded with fun, experience, and laid-back encounters while filling the night with the energy of sights of the African Penguins that have been the principle motivation behind why local people just as travelers frequently run this seashore. In fact, the African Penguins in this area are acclimated to the human-environmental factors, but it is advised to stay away from the path of these penguins

Kirstenbosch National Botanical Garden 

If you are traveling as a couple and searching for a natural spot that can give you some quality time with smoothness and quietness, at that point you ought to think about visiting Kirstenbosch National Botanical Gardens. An extraordinary regular scene situated in the clamoring city of Cape Town, Kirstenbosch National Botanical Gardens is an incredible site to appreciate the sprouting blossoms, flourishing walkways, and striking backgrounds of the Table Mountain. A heavenly nursery extended in almost 90 sections of land, Kirstenbosch National Botanical Gardens is the home to more than 7000 vegetation species and has various models intelligently cut and put to expand the appeal of this normally euphoric site. 

Last words

Cape Town has been among the most desired and visited escape destinations in the whole African continent. So, if you are encouraged by reading above and looking forward to planning a vacation in this part of the African continent. Just visit the british airways official website and book your flights to Cape Town to enjoy a perfect getaway experience at the port city of South Africa.

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