Things to Consider While Microsoft Dynamics NAV Upgrade

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Upgrading Dynamics NAV software and implementing it in such a way that it works well requires lot of attention. But, it is necessary that Dynamics NAV should be upgraded only when an upgrade is available and moreover, it can offer sufficient benefits such as flexibility, stability, authenticity, confidentiality and much more. This can be done by combining both new and old version of Dynamics NAV with help of a plethora of modules which are available easily and out of the box such that, they can provide extensions and required benefits.

There are so many enhanced and easy to use modules available in the market which you can prefer like NAV people which includes enhanced NAV product suite. Overall, there is no doubt in saying that NAV world is just light year away from old NAV.

Some important things to consider while upgrading Microsoft Dynamics NAV –

Customization – New version of Microsoft Dynamics NAV includes the ability to do anything that you want to do out of the box. One of the main benefits of Microsoft Dynamics 365 field service is that, there is no need of customizing it and even you can use it on older version of NAV. That’s why, it become much important to know what types of customization are required and how to keep them in such a way that, they can be used appropriately. This will not only help in saving your valuable time, but also reduce partner’s implementation time.

Name of variable – Microsoft Dynamics NAV upgrade introduces many new statements and functions. So, if your solution includes variables where name is used by standard C/AL statement or function like register able connection or FOREACH, then its important to change variables before upgrading your Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016. You can even prefer enclosing variable names in quotation marks. In case, if you will not be able to import any object which this code has in written or text format, then you can not compile any kind of object.

Upgrade code units – When changes are introduced in the database of Microsoft Dynamics NAV, then it is checked that whether or not these changes are destructive. In case, if it indicates that changes can lead to deletion of data such as at the time of dropping table column then contents of the table will be deleted and this will be considered as destructive changes. For this purpose, you will be prompted for handling situation with help of upgrade code units.

Database refresh test – Last but not the least thing which you should consider is database refreshing test. Once you have upgraded Microsoft Dynamics NAV version, it is time to do database test. This type of test will provide you with updated information and real-time details whenever and wherever you want. Along with this, database refresh test can provide with many other benefits.

There are many things which have to be kept in mind while upgrading the Microsoft Dynamics NAV software. So, these are some of the most vital things which you cannot afford to miss!

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