The Value of Telemedicine in Today’s Healthcare Landscape

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Telehealth is defined as the use of electronic information and communication methods that are adopted for supporting and promoting long-distance clinical health care, educating the patients on health-associated topics, public health and administration. This method is being used by various developed countries in order to render better health care facilities to the patients and nowadays, various telehealth companies are planting roots in India as well. Here are the following features of using a telehealth application:

Live (synchronous) videoconferencing: This is an audiovisual way of communication between the patients and professionals who are treating them. Online video consultation in India is one of the most popular ways of treatments these days.
Store-and-send or (asynchronous) video conferencing: In this kind of communication, a video of recorded health history is sent to a medical practitioner.

Remote patient monitoring: In this method, electronic tools are utilized to record the personal health and medical data of a patient in one location for review by a specialist somewhere else at a different point in time.
mHealth: To ensure the convenience of the patients, healthcare services are provided on mobile devices in telehealth. It includes consultation, informative texts and alerts regarding the outbreak of a disease.

Why must one choose Telemedicine?

Although it required persistent hard work and improvements, telemedicine services in India have finally picked up the pace to take over the conventional methods of treatments. Now, patients can stop wasting time in visiting the hospitals, waiting in lines for their turn and not getting a satisfactory consultation from the specialists. The electronic communication technology used by telehealth companies is targeted to revolutionize the health sector and kickstarted other services like travel, hospitality and more as well. Earlier, telemedicine services in India were just used to treat the patients from rural areas due to the lack of proper transportation and other hindrances faced by them. But, due to the development of wireless communications and technology along with the need for immediate response and consultation by the patients, telemedicine has emerged as a must-have Medical-protocol for treatments.

In light of the current COVID-19 situation, online doctor video consultation facilities have been chosen by various physicians to keep connected with their patients. Such kind of sessions has allowed the patients to be able to keep up with the consultations and one-on-one treatments without having to break the restrictions of the social distancing.

Advantages of Telemedicine:

Attainability- Telemedicine has enabled patients to access world-class treatment facilities by connecting them with specialists from all corners of the world, in just a few clicks. On the other hand, physicians are also able to increase their patient base.

Greater convenience: By eliminating the need for proper transportation facilities, leaving the comfort of their homes, and other difficulties, Telehealth has made it easier for the patients to reach out to a healthcare provider.

Can provide high-quality health care services to patients living in rural areas and those with transportation or mobility difficulties. At the same time, telemedicine enables health care practices to cater to a much broader set of patients than those living locally.

More efficient than hospital visits: The use of online doctor video consultation has efficiency in the treatments for specialists and patients altogether. They can save time and resources by switching to telehealth.

No follow up visits: Making follow up visits are necessitated in some cases when it comes to comprehensive health care. However, telemedicine makes it commodious for the patients to avoid going through the trouble.

No risk of exposure to containment: By eliminating the need of a patient to visit the hospital who’s already suffering from a condition and has weak immunity, the risk of them catching any illness reduces to a minimum level.

More focused consultations: Telemedicine has made it quite possible for the patients to have a comfortable setting to explain their problems to a health care provider. As it doesn’t consist of the pressure to attend other patients waiting outside, disturbances and distractions that might lead the physician to pay less attention to them.

Cost-effective: It lessens the cost burden from the shoulders of the patients by fewer transports to hospital ER’s, admission to hospital, shorter hospital stays, reduced traveling, and better care of chronic diseases.

The ultimate quality of medical care: Research has proved that the quality of telehealth services are as same as the in-person treatments and can be even better once you consider the other benefits like lesser obstacles in getting treatments, a broad approach to the treatment of the patients and more.

Reduced carbon footprint: Replacing physical visits with telemedicine appointments results in a significant 40–70 times decrease in carbon emissions. Factors such as meeting duration, bandwidth and use rates influence emissions to various extents.

Women health: Telemedicine has provided telehealth companies the opportunity to manage women health problems and pregnancy concerns during this pandemic of COVID-19, except a few instances where face-to-face consultation or hospital visit is a must.

Considering the benefits that are sourced from the telehealth companies in India, it can be safely said that this advanced facility has made the life of the patients by letting them get access to the needed treatment easily and effectively.

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