The Artwork of Food Photography

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1.  What do you want to be a food photographer?

My dad was always very passionate about pictures — he had a little photo lab at home — thus photographs were an essential portion of my life all of the time. If you wish to do Food photography in Bangalore then contact Nitin Tandon.

I started in photographs by shooting folks, street photography, and participate in various art projects.  At that moment, I had been working as advertising director for a restaurant business.

The firm developed quickly and I began to find a good deal of projects organizing food picture shoots.  I had been current on everyone the shoots as a customer and in the time I had been immersed in the air and magic of food styling and food pictures.

That has been love at first sight.  I started to examine and practice that great food styling and photography.  Gradually, I had been totally seized by food pictures.  I finally have my own customers, exciting and interesting projects, and it’s become my full-time occupation.

I enjoy shooting people and road photography and always prepared to try unique regions of photography, however, food photography is my life, my artwork, and my fire!

2.  What are some of the favourite foods to picture and why?

It is a funny thing which at the start of my career in food styling and photography, I believed there was nothing better than carrying an image of a cake or cake as they’re so pretty and you don’t need to do much to demonstrate their attractiveness.

But with time I understood that I really do enjoy shooting salty dishes, such as fried poultry, meat, broccoli, pasta, hamburgers, dishes I don’t like to consume.

I believe much more energy, more energy and more possible in these varieties of food.  They’re also harder concerning styling.  I believe myself becoming really excited functioning to show their beauty and personality.

3.  Aside from your camera, what is a vital tool in your kit?

Lighting is my main tool and 99 per cent of the time I use studio light.  A tripod is also a vital part of food photography since you constantly have to return and forth in your camera into your landscape to assess, to alter to refresh something and it is quite inconvenient to discover the proper shooting angle over and over.  The tripod also provides you the essential stability.

For a stylist, I have a significant kit of distinct tools including quite a few brushes, tweezers, knives, spatulas, sprays and several different items.  I would state that tweezers and a chef’s knife would be my favourite ones.

4.  How has food pictures transformed within the last couple of years and are a few of the present trends?

New tendencies in food pictures emerge each year.  Food photography today isn’t just revealing a dish for sensible utilization of food or meals publications where it ought to exemplify recipes, today food pictures tell stories, attract emotions, and reveal lifestyle.

Marketing photography appears to be stable and retains a more conventional approach, but in addition, it varies considerably.

In my standpoint, within the last couple of decades, there were two important fashions in food pictures: I call the first one”dim food pictures with mysterious light,” where photos are often dark and atmospheric using strong and clear light accents in the meals and textures and robust contrast and drama with highlights and shadows.

The next one is”pastoral design,” which reveals us food in the air of your grandma’s state home — light is quite natural and soft with classic and obsolete props, many textures, along with also naturally-aged wooden wallpapers and rustic fabrics.

Yet another recent trend I call”alone and simple.”  This fashion gives all focus to the dish with virtually no props.

This styling plays a significant role since you are telling a story together using all the dish , using a minimum amount of props.  I would also notice the development of this”reportage” food pictures fashion as a consequence of social media sway.

A lot of marketing images are taken within this fashion.  You see foods in a certain specific period of our daily life.  Often it looks like it is a random shooter, with a lot of overhead angles and horizontal composition.

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