Suffering From Intermittent Signal Drops? Here’s What Will Help

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Who hasn’t been a prey of bad connection and signal drops? It shouldn’t be surprising to say that almost everyone at some point in their life has experienced that. With it comes a range of emotions from petty annoyance to frustrations resulting from work and daily life interruptions. That is an understandable situation, but why do people fret when there’s a unique solution to all of their network connectivity problems? Has no one heard of a mobile network booster? When it comes to fixing a bad network signal, those devices are the only bit of technology needed. 


So What Are Mobile Boosters?

The answer to that is simple. It’s a one of a kind device that can amplify weak signals for regular use. That means no interruptions to work calls, or binging on web series using data connection. That’s cool, isn’t it? For instance, a 4G mobile signal booster for home can help take that annoyance away between moments of fun. There’s a bit more to it though.

Mobile boosters are made to satisfy the basic needs of staying connected seamlessly. They make weak signals strong. They do so by amplifying any network carrier frequency signals available in the area. No these boosters don’t work in mysterious ways. Here’s an explanation as to how they do what they do. Every mobile booster comes with three most important components – an exterior antenna, the amplification device and the interior antenna. 


Exterior Antenna

Its only job is to make way for network carrier signals to the amplification device. For that to happen, however, there has to be a signal present outside, where the antenna is located or installed. This is why it’s most important to install this antenna somewhere high up if the location is surrounded by tall structures. It could be other buildings or even trees that can block these signals. Once that is done, these antennas simply do the rest.

Amplification Device

This is the heart of a mobile booster. It takes in the received network signal and works its magic on it to boost mobile signal. It takes the weak signals and repeatedly strengthens them. Every mobile booster is programmed to increase by the gain it’s set to. Gain? Signal strength is measured in decibels, the same way sound is, after all, it’s almost the same. That is also how the booster knows how much to boost by. The amount of strength the final output is increased by can be said to be the gain. Through the use of modern technology, it is even possible to eliminate any noise in the signals once amplified. Nowadays boosters even come with auto-gain features. It helps adjust and compensate for the fluctuations in signal strength. This also helps in keeping the booster stable from overheating. 

Interior Antenna

Now that the amplifier has done all the work, it is time to send that signal ahead for use. The interior antenna is made to do just that. It transmits the amplified signal to cellular devices for use. However, its work doesn’t end there. The amplified signal has been used by cellular devices, but now a new signal has to be sent back to the cell towers. The interior antenna also takes that signal back through the amplifier. That signal is boosted and sent back through the exterior antenna to the cell tower.

When To Use A Signal Booster?

Bad connections are almost everywhere, and dead zones can form in the unlikeliest of places. What one should be aware of is why a network connection can go bad. There are quite a few reasons and some can’t be fixed with a booster, for instance, bad weather. If one only ignores the wrath of nature, there’s a whole lot of scenarios where a mobile signal booster can come in handy. There are too many to be listed, so here are a few to be aware of:

High Density Of Tall Buildings

This is obvious, isn’t it? Concrete can effectively block signals, after all, signals don’t just magically flow to reach through buildings. That’s not how science works, or signals. Tall buildings in the vicinity can block the signal from reaching its rightful destination even with a cell tower nearby. How does one solve this problem then? Simply by installing an exterior antenna just high enough. Just by receiving even an iota of the signal strength is good enough for a booster. Since signal strength decreases the longer distance it travels through, even if it is a wire, interior antennas should be closer to amplifier units.

Living Near Forests

All that greenery is good, for the health, the mind, and definitely for the view. What it’s not good for are the signals. Why? Well, trees have water in them and sadly, all that water blocks signals from travelling through properly. Everyone knows by now what’s needed for proper signals. Yes! It’s a signal booster!

Remote Locations

Who doesn’t wish to live in a remote location, away from the hustle and bustle of the city? There’s a caveat that comes with it though – the lack of proper conveniences. That includes good network connectivity. Signals are bad at marathons, so they can’t keep up their strength when travelling long distances. It helps to have a cell tower nearby. While a signal booster can help in some cases where signals are present, even if slightly. A mobile booster will not be able to help when there’s a complete lack of signal in the area.


When it comes to mobile signals, there could always be interruptions. There’s also nothing the network companies can do about it. Consumers however can choose to, and act on it and get a mobile booster. No one likes a messy connection during work or daily life. Yes, mobile boosters can be a bit expensive, but for the many other aspects of life it enhances, it is worth the cost. Don’t give in to frustrations, give in to a mobile booster instead.

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