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What comes immediately to mind when you mention the name Ladakh? What about the mountain ranges? What about the convents? What about the lakes? If you enjoy driving, its coiling roads and mountainous terrain will undoubtedly take your breath away.

Your bikes must be begging you to take them on a long journey, and there is no better place to do so than Ladakh. You are extremely fortunate because you can now quickly plan and go on a leh bike trip tour. Do you understand how and why?

Because a plethora of excursion clubs and tour companies have begun to arrange such amazing trips. The success of bike trips to Ladakh has basically soared in recent years. Seeing the trend, an increasing number of clubs and travel companies are developing self-drive or gang drive routes to none other than “Land of High Passes.” There are numerous reasons for the increased popularity of such bike adventures, and trying to read about them below may provide you with even more motivation to try them at least once.

Reasons to do leh bike trip :

  1. A Great Summer Getaway

The hot weather is one of the main reasons people from the flatlands travel to the mountain ranges. Ladakh’s chilly realm is ideal for avoiding excessive heat, not of your electronic devices, but of oneself. Even when the sun is grilling the plains, Ladakh remains relatively undisturbed. Summer temperatures rarely exceed 25 degrees Celsius here.

  1. Contents the internal adventure addict

There may be many of you who have been following the very same routine day after day, such as attending college or work and then returning home. It is human nature to get bored with routine and do something different for a change. If you enjoy adventure, there will come a point when your brain will feel as though it will blow up.

Ladakh bike trip will be enormously enjoyable and gratifying for such folks. Riding down roadways that are only as broad as a truck at times, with steep cliffs on one edge and a deep ravine on the other, will undoubtedly give you a rush of adrenaline.

Add to that the constantly twisty nature of the roads and the inability to predict which way it will turn until it does. If just reading it makes your hair stand on end, that should be evidence enough that the journey will gratify even the most brave of devils.

Such segments will, at best, make your heart race, but Gata Loops, undoubtedly the most feared section of the Leh-Manali Highway, will literally make it leap up to your tongue. Just before Nakee La, there are over 20 blind curvatures and hairpin arcs.  At times, the road could be nothing more than a muddy asphalt strewn with rock formation, cut into the hill, with a cliff sticking over your head!

  1. The Liberty to Choose Your Own Route

Many of you may wonder why taking a bike tour to Leh Ladakh is preferable to taking a traditional vacation tour. The reason is easy: pre-planned trips do not always enable you to forge your own route. Most routes have fixed places to visit timetables and usually reserve only a certain amount of time at each attraction.

But what if you really like a location and want to spend longer there? That is not always possible. Bike trips allow you to travel at your own speed and stop at any point along the way. You could always catch up eventually if the entire group gets ahead. The massive sound of the bike’s engine reverberating off faraway mountains provides motorists with a kind of enjoyment that only they comprehend.

  1. A Likelihood to Camp in the lap of Nature

Another advantage of bike tours to Ladakh over group tours is housing. The majority of tour packages will fly you to Leh and then put you up in a hotel. I am all for solace, but there are times when the call of nature is much louder than the call of solace. Occasionally staying at a tent is preferable to staying in hotels.

On a Ladakh bike trip, you can halt at Sarchu and Jispa to set up tents under the stars and inhale the cleanest air in the world.  Not only Jispa and Sarchu, but there are numerous other locations where you can camp, including the banks of Pangong Tso, the lake showcased in 3 Idiots, and sand dunes in the Nubra Valley.

If you are not participating in a trip and are riding your own motorbike on your own schedule, you can set up tents anywhere and everywhere you find a suitable location. Morey Plains, presumably Ladakh’s flattest area, would be an incredibly gorgeous place to set up tent.  This is also the location to gently open the accelerator and speed away because doing so on the hilly stretches is a strenuous task.

  1. A Parallels Voyage

A motorcycle trip to the area is, if nothing else, a voyage of contrasts. Nothing is fixed, whether it is the landscapes, the folks, or the natural world of the drive itself. Whether you take National Highway 1 to Srinagar, after that National Highway 1D to Ladakh, or even the famed Leh-Manali Highway, the scenery will change dramatically.

When you cross Zoji La (NH1D) or Rohtang Pass (Leh-Manali Hwy), you will realise that the green grass is gradually fading and a barren landscape is emerging.  You could go in a loop, entering Ladakh from Manali and exiting via Zoji La in Srinagar, for the greatest challenge.

Your tour will complete a full circle by going from greenery to desolation and back to green grass. As soon as you arrive in Ladakh, you will notice that even the individuals have strong performances and outfits. Because Buddhism is the dominant religion of the Ladakhis, you will see Buddhist monasteries rather than shrines, mosques, or gurdwaras. Every village or town you pass through may have a monastery, either crouched on a hilltop or constructed on flat ground.

  1. Chance of Driving on Snow

There are areas in Ladakh where you can almost always expect to see snow.  These are, of course, the hill passes that the regional highways are famous for. Passes with elevations above 15000 feet, such as Khardung La, Chang La, Tanglang La, Kunzum La, Lachulung La, and Nakee La, may have snow even in the summer. Remember to bring a pair of snow chains with you to help your metal monster hold the exterior quickly. You don’t want to fall on the crystallised ice because it’ll be chilly and painful.

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