Marble-effect Tiles for Luxurious Home Decor

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Do you know what has been the biggest flex of all time? You’ll get no points for guessing it because it’s literally the first thing you hear when you go house hunting for sale-purchase or rent a place. It’s the marble flooring or the presence of Marble-effect Tiles.

One can always have debates over what’s so special about marble that it directly impacts the look of the house and its value in so many ways. The presence of marble-effect tiles in decor takes the overall look and feel of the place to another level. The resale value of the house also doesn’t dip.

However, marble also has its shortcomings, and a major one being the hole it digs in one’s pocket. Marbles are very costly, difficult to cut and size according to a specific space, and not so easy to mount. In this blog, we’ll list down some points that’ll help you achieve the marble look, the luxurious look, and that too without even having to deal with all the shortcomings of marble.

The secret is Marble Tiles. Marble-look Tiles provide you with the exact feel of marble but come with all the plus points of tiles. These are easy to clean, install, relatively cost-efficient, low-maintenance, and long-lasting. Let’s get to know more about them in detail.

What are marble effect tiles?

As mentioned before, natural marble is expensive, which is one of its major drawbacks. Another disadvantage is that, like all-natural stones, it requires proper treatment and maintenance as it gets readily stained and scratched. Marble effect tiles come in handy in this situation. They’re a long-lasting alternative to natural marble and that too at a fraction of their cost.

Marble look Porcelain Tiles

Marble-look porcelain tiles and bathroom tiles, which recreate the material that has been the protagonist of art and architecture for ages, are some of the most essential interior design trends. Marble look porcelain tiles give that modern touch to the age-old charm of marble.

This addition rockets up the demand and liking for the set of tiles and makes them the hot product in the market. Another reason for their popularity is that once we modernize the age-old marble, there can be a lot of different colour options too and who doesn’t like that !?!

Marble look Ceramic Tile

Original marble is faithfully replicated with all the benefits of ceramic tiles, including pure colours, natural veins, vivid tones, and transparent layering. Indoor marble-effect ceramic floor and wall tiles are offered in two finishes: glossy marble-effect porcelain surfaces with a polished finish and opaque marble-effect ceramic surfaces.

Marble-effect tiles ceramic tiles that are opaque might have marble-look ceramic tiles that can have a matte surface or a silk-finish, for bright surfaces with a soft, silky touch.

Marvel Marble

Don’t get confused, we’re not going to talk about some superhero film here but neither are any marble-look tiles less than any superhero when it comes to tiles. Finding the appropriate balance between a minimalistic interior and elaborately detailed design may be tough at the best of times, regardless of which part of the house you’re working on.

This problem is readily solved with marble-effect tiles since the contrasting shaded strokes provide a subtle and effective design pattern from head to toe.

Irrespective of what you like and preferences are, it is always best to invest in good products that up the value of your space. Marble-effect tiles can be used throughout your home for a fraction of the cost of real marble.

This cost-effective decoration will give your home the rich look it deserves without breaking the bank. From an elegant bathroom flooring option to being included in a magnificent kitchen design through the use of marble-effect mosaic floor tiles, marble-look tiles ace every aspect of tiling.

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