Importance of Physical Education in Schools

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Physical education is one of the most important training that needs to be given to students in school. It is no science that proper physical activity will surely lead to the overall well-being of students. There are various benefits of physical education including better physical health and also better academic performances. Physical activities aren’t just running or kicking a ball but it teaches children important skills that they will surely require in their life. Along with that it obviously improves the well-being of children. It also helps in reducing obesity as promoting healthy lifestyle since young age will surely make them way more active and will become a habit eventually. This will surely keep them healthy even as they grow older if they continue to practice physical activities. 


There are many schools that have cut back on physical education classes and are more focused on academics. Many teachers take up the physical education class and finish their syllabus, as they feel that PE doesn’t really have any value. This is where all this starts. 

Let’s look at the benefits the children will have if schools start having regular physical education classes:

Mental and physical health 

It is important for the PE instructors to come with activities for children as per their age and that also helps them to develop their minds and bodies. It is important that they activities they do are age appropriate rather than giving them something too advanced. But, at the same time the instructors should also know when to push children and make them work hard. PE surely helps children to get more active and focuses on building stamina, improves motor skills and increases muscle strength. These activities help children to also focus on studies. Being active makes them adapt to things faster. It also refreshes their mind from academics and also improves sleeping pattern.  

2.     Social skills 

Best school in East Godavari district focuses on starting physical education at an early stage surely helps children with value of cooperation. Regular PE classes help children with communication and social skills. It surely helps them to work as a team player and also be a part of diverse range of students and they learn to help and motivate each other positively. PE also helps the students to explore if they can actually consider sports as their career option. They could end up finding a real passion for a particular sport and might want to grow and get better at it. It is a very big advantage of finding a career while you develop skills. 

3.     Self-esteem and character development 

Playing sports as a team surely enforces leadership qualities and good sportsmanship spirit, students’ play various different roles while playing sports this surely teaches them to gain confidence and learn new skills also get with respecting their peers and themselves. It also helps them to understand others and help others in their difficult times. Basic gestures such as a high five, pat on the back etc., surely help in boosting confidence and also earning praises from coaches is a big deal. Therefore, these things surely boost confidence and let’s you explore the sport and push yourself towards doing better. 

4.     Better academic performance

Studies have stated that children who are regularly involved in PE activities are able to concentrate more in class. Sports and activities surely give children the chance to take their minds off from academics and remove all the frustration, stress, anxiety etc,. This definitely brings them back on academics with a bang. These above are a few points as to why it is important for best school for all round education in Andhra Pradesh to take physical education classes seriously and not substitute them with academic classes. Sports helps children in their daily life to keep their mental health, physical health and mind stable. It automatically lets them concentrate on their academics as well. Therefore physical education classes are one of the main reasons which can help students get better physically and also improve their performance in academics. And who knows which student could build up a career in any sport. Not all children want to be engineers and doctors and artists. Some really want to excel in sports and this gives them an opportunity to explore their talent.  

Sri Prakash Synergy School has best faculty in every field. Be it sports, education or courses like JEE, NEET etc. They aim to provide quality education and equally emphasize on sports to shape the overall development of the students. It is one of the best international school in Andhra Pradesh that provides the right balance of education and sports.

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