Here Are The General Practice Guidelines For Yoga Newbie’s

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Yoga is a wonderful tool for you to experience the best mental, physical, and spiritual health benefits. It is an ancient art spanning more than 5 decades and the numerous benefits are testament to its life-changing benefits.

However, as easy as it may seem, there have been instances where people did end up with a serious injury due to poor body alignment or bad yoga teachers. These instances have forced the yoga community to come up with a set of guidelines. These guidelines will surely help every yoga newbie avoid any serious injuries during a yoga session.


General Guidelines For Yoga Newbie’s

Whether you want to get rid of excess fat, improve your cardiovascular health, or just a toned physique; there is no dearth of yoga asanas that can help you achieve the intended health goal. If you want to become a great yoga teacher, you must follow these guidelines as a practitioner before enrolling in the best yoga training in India.


1. When Not To Practice Yoga

The first thing you should know before starting a yoga practice is the contradictions for each yoga pose. Moreover, avoid doing specific yoga poses during pregnancy, high blood pressure, or when you have an injury in your knees, neck, and shoulder. Check with a medical professional if you have any medical condition that needs immediate attention.


2. Control The Level Of Intensity

The majority of yoga teachers would ask you to practice challenging yoga poses after some time. However, it is you who knows how much the body and mind can take. Yoga experts recommend you should start a little slow and spend time understanding different body alignment and postures.

As a beginner, you have three different methods to increase the intensity of yoga practice. The first one includes holding postures for longer periods. The second is slowly moving your way up from beginner to intermediate and advanced yoga poses. Lastly, you can transition quickly between different yoga asanas under the guidance of a yoga expert.


3. The Duration

Whether you do Hatha or Vinyasa yoga exercises you must set a proper duration for the practice. As a beginner, the regular yoga practice should be a minimum of 15 minutes and from there you can extend it to 90 minutes with experience.

Make sure you do yoga no less than 3-4 times a week. The key idea here is to practice daily. A shorter practice time of 4 to 5 days in a week yields better results than when you do yoga only 1 to 2 times with a longer duration.


4. The Diet

Right before you start yoga practice, avoid eating and drinking. Always consume a light meal at least 1 to 3 hours before the yoga session. Moreover, avoid drinking small amounts of water before practice or during the practice.


5. Modify

The instructions you receive when doing yoga at the best yoga training in India are the intended final goal. These are basic guidelines to help you experience a deeper connection with your true self. Make sure you try different body alignments and postures before choosing any particular yoga style.


6. The Right Yoga Poses

As a yoga newbie, choose the right yoga poses which you can do with ease. There are countless yoga postures you can do on the floor or mat as opposed to standing yoga asanas. The floor yoga poses do not require much strength and balancing skills. Enroll in a Yoga Alliance certified yoga school to learn the best yoga poses as a beginner.


7. The Right Clothes

Avoid wearing clothes that are tight. Instead, opt for clothing items like tights or unitards that do not limit your movement during a yoga session. Enroll in the best yoga training in India to get the right guidance to practice yoga asanas with ease.


Apart from this, there are some basic yoga class etiquette you should follow without question. Read to know what these are.


Yoga Class Etiquette

Given below are two rules you should follow in every yoga session.


1. Time Is Of Essence

The best way for you to never miss out on a yoga class is to arrive at least 10 minutes before the class starts. Yoga class is not just about practicing yoga asanas it is also about setting the right ambiance for an undisturbed yoga practice. In short, the extra time you save by coming early helps you warm up and prepare for yoga practice.


2. Silence Is The Key

The moment you enter a yoga class, forget about checking the latest Facebook and Instagram posts. Your smartphone might be an asset in everyday life, it is a nuisance when it comes to yoga class. In other words, do not answer your phone except in emergencies during a yoga session.



Do you want to become a certified yoga teacher? Enroll in the best yoga schools in India to understand this ancient art in theory and practice.

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