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    Participant is a no-code platform designed to help businesses create production-level applications with code generation: backend, web, and native mobile apps.

      With, you can grow from an MVP to an enterprise solution with millions of requests per minute, while having total control over where you deploy your application, and remaining independent from the platform with source code exports.

      Key features:
      – Design relational databases in PostgreSQL-compatible format with total flexibility in a visual designer

      – Manage complex business logic with hundreds of functions and an intuitive drag & drop interface

      – Create and manage access to your API and configure your endpoints with middleware, automatically generate API documentation

      – Build web dashboards in minutes with auto-generated pages and prebuilt components

      – Design native mobile applications for iOS & Android, and publish them to Google Play & App Store

      – Deploy your application in clusters to the cloud, AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, or a local server, and export the binaries & source code at any moment

      – Power up your app and connect it with your favorite tools with modules (authorization, email, SMS, Stripe, Telegram, AWS, Slack, Zoom, and dozens of others)

    Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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