Do’s and Don’t: Use Minoxidil After Hair Transplant

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Hair transplant surgery is undoubtedly one of the most popular and effective ways of restoring lost hair. But for you to get the best outcome, you will have to be patient to get the best results. After the hair restoration surgery, your hair will start to fall. This is usually normal because the hair falling helps to make room for new hair. It always takes about 18 months for you to see the natural outcome. During this moment, you will have to be patient. However, there is something that you can do to speed up the process.
Minoxidil after a hair transplant is standard and necessary as well. You can use it to speed up the process. Minoxidil has always shown remarkable outcomes if you use it after hair transplant surgery. This article will help you to understand the reasons why you should use minoxidil after hair transplant surgery. You will also get to know some of its side effects and complications.

Minoxidil After Hair Transplant Surgery

Surgeons recommend you to use Rogaine after hair transplant surgery. There are several reasons why doctors recommend it. The following are the reasons why you should use minoxidil after the hair transplant procedure.

Minoxidil Enables Transplanted Hair to Grow Quickly

Hair transplant doctors use specific ways to speed up the recovery process and make hair grow faster. Some doctors will advise you to use minoxidil as part of the recovery process. You will use about three to five percent of Rogaine. The doctors believe that these medications will help the transplanted hair to grow faster.

Research has been done to support this statement. According to a study, minoxidil helps your hair follicles to grow faster after the surgery. This is not a must, though—more research to be conducted to see whether or not this treatment is efficient.

Minoxidil Reduces the Chances of Shock Loss

Most doctors also advise their patients to use Rogaine because it minimizes the chances of shock loss. This is especially in women. Shock is when you start losing the non-transplanted hair right after the hair transplant surgery. The shock loss might be permanent or temporary. The hair usually regrows back after the shedding. If you use minoxidil, you will not experience shock loss.

Minoxidil Will Help to Control Further Hair Loss

The hair transplant surgery will help you have complete and thick hair. But the surgery will not control hair loss that might happen in the future. If you start losing hair at a young age, the hair loss might progress after the hair transplant surgery. If this is it, you will have to take extra or tropical medication to control future hair loss.
Most surgeons will recommend you use minoxidil to control further hair loss. But these medications will not offer you a permanent solution. This means if you stop using this medication, your hair may start to fall. So, you will have to use this medication for the rest of your life to avoid future hair loss.

When to Use Minoxidil After the Hair Transplant Surgery

When your doctor prescribes minoxidil to you after the hair transplant surgery, he will also tell you when and how to use it. Doctors will ask you to use this medication at least one week after the hair transplant surgery. This medication enables transplanted hair to settle in their new home before anything influences them.
Other than this, another essential decision is to understand how long minoxidil has to hop on. If you use this treatment to prevent the existing hair, you should continue it for an extended period. But it is always used to boost the growth of transplanted hair. Always make sure not to use it for more than six months after the hair transplant surgery.

This medication is not a must after the hair transplant, though. You might not require it. Most people choose to undergo hair transplant surgeries to avoid using long-term medications like minoxidil. Therefore, make sure to discuss with your doctor whether or not this treatment is fit for you.

Minoxidil Side Effects

Minoxidil is a popular medication that is used to treat hair loss. These treatments are always practical and are the best way to increase hair growth. There are some risks and complications that come with this medication. These side effects are usually minimal. Before you undergo this hair treatment, make sure to understand the potential risks. Here are some of the most less common side effects of minoxidil treatment.

· You might get some acne
· Facial hair growth is among the most common side effects of minoxidil
· You might also feel some inflammation around the hair root
· Your face may start swelling
· Your hair loss might get worse than better

Skin irritation at the affected area of the scalp is also one of the most popular side effects of Rogaine. Sometimes, you may also develop some skin rashes or mild burning after you have sprayed the medication.

Common Side Effects of Minoxidil

Other complications arise from excessive use of minoxidil. These side effects mainly occur if you apply too much minoxidil at the same time. These side effects are;

· Some dizziness
· Your head might feel light as well
· You can even faint
· You may also experience irregular heartbeat
· You might feel chest pains
· Headaches might also occur after the medication
· Flushing is also another complication that might arise due to excessive use of minoxidil
· You may have blurred, or your eyes might not see well
· Your face, hands, and feet may start swelling.
· You may also begin to gain weight rapidly
· If you experience these side effects after using minoxidil, make sure to talk to your doctor.

If you have an adrenal gland tumor, make sure not to use minoxidil. Your doctor will give you minoxidil together with two other medications. These medications will help to prevent minoxidil side effects. Make sure to use these medications as prescribed by your doctor. If the side effects worsen, make sure to call your doctor as soon as possible.

Final Thought

Minoxidil usually passes into breast milk. Therefore, if you are breastfeeding, make sure to avoid it because it can harm the nursing baby. Follow all the advice that your doctor has given you. Also, make sure to avoid salt.

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