Common Bed Bugs and How to Remove Them?

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Bed bugs are oval in shape and don’t fly but move quickly over the walls, ceilings, floors, etc. These are small insects and usually brownish in colour. Bed bugs fit in tiny spaces as they have flat bodies.

The areas where these bed bugs are found the most are under your mattress, baseboards, furniture joints, inside electric outlets, underneath the posters and paintings on the walls, etc. This needs to be treated immediately because a healthy female bed bug lays around 500 eggs in her lifetime. Their reproduction is very quick. They even bite when you are asleep and crawl away unnoticed.

Following are the various tips to get rid of them:

  • Identification of Infested Areas: You may not have noticed bed bugs until they bite you and you notice rust-coloured blood stains on your bed sheets or clothes. It generally happens at night when you are sleeping. Other signs of bed bugs are eggshells, shed skins in the areas where the bed bugs usually hide. You should also check your closet, electrical outlets, edge of the carpet, around the bed and mattress, etc. Use a flashlight to find out bugs residing in those areas which are dark and remain unnoticed. Also, bed bugs have a musky odour. Once you have identified the infested areas, start the treatment.
  • Wash all the clothes: Bed bugs can lay eggs anywhere and love fabric. Therefore, you need to wash all your fabrics in hot water. Heat is a very effective method to kill bed bugs. The next step is to remove bed bugs from all your belongings like bedding, pet beds, clothes, towels, etc. All the fabrics should be washed either using hot water or in your washing machines at high heat. Also, it should be dried in the sunlight or dryer at the highest level of heat. But make sure that when you move the bed sheets or other clothes from your bedroom to wash, keep them in a bin or sealed plastic bag. Once you have washed all the clothes, do not move them back to the infested room unless you have killed all the bugs.
  • Clean Your Mattress: The next step is to deep clean your mattress. Take a stiff brush and scrub the seams of your mattress. It is the most common area where bed bugs can be found. So, by scrubbing them off, their eggs and shells become loose. And then attack them with a vacuum. You should vacuum regularly especially during the night and early morning. But make sure to clean your vacuum because it might have been infested.
  • Remove Unnecessary Items: We often assume that clean houses do not attract any bedbugs. But this is a common misconception. Even if you have good housekeeping, your house may still get infected. It is a misconception that merely keeping the house dirty attracts bed bugs. Therefore, whenever you see your house is in an untidy state, start decluttering it. Bed bugs usually breed in dry and cold areas. You should check your bed box and closet and remove the unnecessary items from there. You should keep all your books, clothes, and other stuff organised and clean. Moreover, remember the last time you cleaned everything and repeat it at regular intervals.
  • Fill the Wall Cracks: The area where bed bugs are spotted hiding is in the wall cracks. You may also find their nests in those wall cracks or if there are any places with lifting wallpaper. You should check for the damage to every wall and lift the wallpaper in your house. The next thing after finding out all the cracks is to fill them up no matter how small or big it is. You can use plaster or caulk to fill in those cracks.
  • Steam Clean: Steamers prove to be very effective if you want to maintain a bug-free environment at your home. Steamers help in killing the bed bugs along with their eggs. You should set the steamer to a minimum of 160 degrees Fahrenheit and slowly start spraying every room. Do not forget to spray on the closet shelves, baseboards, carpet and window. Make sure you set the airflow at a low setting because excess airflow often causes the bed bugs to scatter leading to their survival.
  • Pest Control Services: You may not find the home remedies that we discussed as effective as a professional could do. You should try to find out bed bug pest control services in your area. You can go online and check the reviews of the various pest control services that have good experience in helping get rid of bed bugs completely. You may have to call the service twice as these bugs cannot be removed at once. They need a second treatment.

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