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Coffee for weight loss: Can it help you shed weight?

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Coffee for weight loss is a relatively new invention that is slowly gaining fame. You have to consume a few cups of coffee every day while keeping your calorie intake low. Most people who have tried coffee for weight loss have had positive results, although there is a downside. Here is a closer look at coffee for weight loss, its benefits, demerits and whether it is good for your health. 

What is the coffee diet all about?

Coffee for weight loss become popular once Doctor Bob Arnot wrote about it in his book The Coffee Lover’s Diet. The good doctor mentions that a couple of coffee cups each day can help to boost your body’s metabolism, causing the body to use its fat reserves. Coffee also causes your body not to absorb that many calories and lowers your overall appetite. 

How coffee for weight loss works

Coffee for weight loss requires that you consume about 720 ml of a light roast every day. A light roast has plenty of polyphenols when compared to the dark type of coffee. The type and brew of coffee you choose matters a lot. The best one to work with in this case would be the whole bean light roast ground at home. 

If you are weight watching, 3 cups each day or caffeinated or decaf works really well as long as you can stay away from cream or sugar. You can also try to replace one of your meals with high fiber, homemade green smoothie. 

The other meals should consist of low calories snacks but with plenty of fiber sourced from fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. Stay away from processed foods like refined snacks and frozen foods and stock your home with whole meals. 

Benefits of coffee for weight loss

Coffee has plenty of antioxidants and caffeine, both of which help your body fight inflammation and the effects of free radicals. As part of your weight loss diet, coffee has two benefits: it lowers your appetite and raises your body’s metabolism.  

Coffee may lower your metabolism

Coffee has the potential to suppress appetite casing your calorie intake to reduce. Research has shown that coffee can actually lower appetite. When you drink coffee right before your mealtime, you are likely to consume less. A study involving 33 subjects, some overweight and others with normal weight showed that taking coffee helped lower calorie intake in those who were overweight. 

Coffee can increase metabolic rate

Caffeinated coffee can increase the body’s metabolic rate. This helps you weight loss goals because you get to burn a lot of calories and plenty of body fat. In a short study involving 600 subjects, researchers concluded that a higher caffeine intake greatly decreased bodyweight, mass, and fat.  In fact, doubling your caffeine intake can cause you to shed close to 28 percent of your body fat. Caffeine intake can also help you increase the amount of body fat you burn through the workout. 

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The Downside of Coffee for weight loss

Coffee has plenty of antioxidants that your body needs to shed weight. However, a lot of caffeine in the body has a number of side effects. While you can always stick to decaffeinated coffee, some people prefer the punch that comes with caffeinated coffee. Besides, most of the benefits that you derive from your cup of coffee are because of consuming coffee. 

However, consuming too much caffeine can cause a number of health issues including elevates blood pressure. 

You are also likely to relapse and go back to your weight gaining ways. A diet that requires you to reduce the number of calories you consume can cause you to put on weight at a drastic rate. The body tends to adapt to your regular calorie intake. So, when you decrease your intake, your metabolism slows down, which lowers the calories you will burn. 

In addition, taking too much caffeine can lead to loss of sleep and even depression. Therefore, it is not a viable weight loss program if you are planning to work with it for a long time. An alternative that will work, other than HGH for weight, is taking plenty of proteins and fiber rich foods. 

Wrap Up

For coffee to help you lose weight, you need about three cups each day. While this may help you shed weight over the short term, it is not the best way to deal with body weight in the end. also,  hgh playa del carmen helps in reducing weight. You can actually end up gaining weight. For a healthy weight loss journey, work with a sustainable program.

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