Breast Cancer can affect men too! Breast Cancer in Men

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October, being Cancer Awareness month, inspires people from all over the planet to embrace pink ribbons and encourage others to make a diagnosis for cancer and about the awareness needed for early detection of the disease. It is mostly done favoring the concern towards breast cancer in women. It is a commonly known fact that breast cancer has been affecting the women’s population heavily and it is the commonest type of cancer found in India. One in every twenty-eight women is suffering from this kind of cancer, however, breast cancer in men has been never shedding light upon. Most of us don’t even know that men are also vulnerable to breast cancer because every little has been exposed to this topic.

Research shows that the cases of breast cancer in men only consist of 1% in the world, but the mortality rate in them is quite high when compared to women. It is observed to be 19% higher than diagnosed women, an indication that men also need to take it seriously. Top cancer hospitals in India are now conducting proper treatments and care for handling such cases in men as well. 


It’s quite evident how unevenly we think about now having breast cancer and the most obvious reason behind it is that men don’t have milk-production systems or breasts and they have lesser breast tissues, which have low chances of becoming cancerous. The lack of awareness among men about it and the delay in diagnosis and treatment are the reasons leading to their high death rate. Breast cancer gets detected at later stages due to their poor knowledge, hence even the best treatments fail to save them. 


The occurrence and prevalence of this disease have picked pace and increased drastically over the period of the last few years as suggested by the oncology specialists in India. There are various risk factors that add to the chances of breast cancer in men and here are some of them listed below to help you understand the origin of it:

  • Age: Age plays an important role in deciding the vulnerability in men for breast cancer men over 60 years of age have been reported to be affected by it more. 
  • Genetic issues: Men who hold a family history of breast cancer are more likely to suffer from this health condition. Especially, if they have had any male in the family suffering from this disease too. 

  • Getting in contact with Estrogen: Exposure to estrogen could increase the risk of breast cancer in men when they have high hormone intake due to therapy medications for prostate cancer.

  • Health conditions that increase estrogen levels: A lot of men suffer from ailments that lead to the high secretion of estrogen in their bodies. Conditions such as liver problems, obesity, genetic disorders or diseases like Klinefelter’s syndrome and more carry similar symptoms of breast cancer in both men and women.


The breast cancer specialists in India suggest that you can check out the appearance of any lump or similar abruption of painless mass appearing under your nipples or any of the breasts that might indicate an early stage of breast cancer. Some other usually shown symptoms of breast cancer are discharged from the nipple, inflammation in the breast tissue, ulceration, puckering and dimpling of the breast, redness on the affected area and more. Some specialists also suggest that if it is diagnosed at a later stage, then additional indications of this condition might include pain and swelling in lymph glands in the armpit, breast and bone pain will also be observed reflecting that cancer has spread to the surrounding tissues. Although the mortality rate in men in the case of breast cancer is quite high, the prognosis is almost the same in both of the sexes and since cancer treatment in India has quite developed in the past years, you can get extraordinary treatment facilities here. 


The top cancer hospitals in India aren’t just channeling the finest treatment facilities to improve the chances of survival of the cancer patients but also joining the movement to raise awareness among people to come forward and get diagnosed in time. With a team of top breast cancer specialists in India, these institutions are more than ready to handle your situation and offer you the best possible treatment plan. 

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