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Attorney In Roseville
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Who’s Responsible For Your Slip And Fall?

Falling can lead to a lot of injuries. As the weather gets worse, you are more prone to slipping due to icy sidewalks or wet floors. Many times, you can seek compensation for your injuries due to negligence.

Property owners, managers, and business have a responsibility to ensure that their properties are maintained and free of hazards. In the winter, they are responsible for caring for the sidewalks on their property. Falls there are due to negligence of the owner of the property. Contact an attorney in Roseville, California to discuss your case and they will help you prove negligence.

What types of falls are due to negligence of the property owner?

Regardless of the reason, if you slipped or fell on someone else’s property due to negligence, you have a right to seek compensation for any injuries. Business owners have a responsibility to keep customers and visitors safe. Roseville, California lawyers can help you make a claim.

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