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Step 1:Open Website

Step2: Click on Register

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Step 3:Fill All Required Details and Click on Completed Sign Up

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After Clicking on Complete Sign,You will see Below Screen

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Step 4:Check you Mail For The Activation Details.

Check Mail Like This

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Open Mail,Will See Message Like below.

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Click on the Link,Activation Code will be Copied Automatically

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Step 5:Click on Activate to Activate

Step: 6:Login With the username and password,entered while registering.

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Step:7:To add Guest Articles Click on the Add Article

guest articles

Fill the Details 

Title(Attractive title)

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Category(Select Related Category from Drop Down)

Tags(Selects Tags From the Drop Down)

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Step:8: Click on Save and Publish,if want to Published immediately

If want to Save for more time Use Save

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