10 Signs That You Might Have A Fear Of Failure (Atychiphobia)

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Do you know that fear of failure is known as Atychiphobia? Fear of failure is an irrational type of fear. Indeed, some phobias bring joy in our life but this type of fear is quite distressing and paralyzing. At some point, everyone experiences fear of failure. But when this failure converts into a psychological threat, it stops us from exceeding in the future.

Not only this, it also stops us from getting motivated to succeed or to grow. Fear of failure impacts us so severely that it leads to unconscious sabotaging the chances of success in various ways. Such feelings can result in anger, sadness, disappointment, regret, confusion, frustration, and whatnot. 

Fear of failure underlies the behavior or personality of people who are experiencing it. Fear of failure is often related to fear of shame. Such people are not able to manage their basic emotions like anger, disappointment, or frustration as failing makes them feel shame deeply. Shame is a toxic emotion that leads to guilt or regret; it basically dissolves our real identity or our inner self.

It eventually gets on our nerves and impacts our identity, ego, self-esteem, and overall emotional wellbeing. This blog will help you in understanding what are the 10 common signs of fear of failure so that you can work on them and achieve success and growth in the future. So, let’s get started. 

10 Signs of Fear of Failure 

1. You worry about what people think about you.

If you tend to worry a lot about what people think about you or your ideas, or your creativity, my dear friend you might be experiencing fear of failure. And, such thinking impacts your actions, growth, development, future, and success. Therefore, stop thinking about what others think about you instead start working on yourself. 

2. You do not have trust in your abilities to achieve your goals.

Clearly, this is not about your actions, this is all about your perceptions that you are keeping for a long time. And, only this thinking is stopping you from achieving your goals. Therefore, make sure you are trusting your abilities and growing slowly every day to achieve whatever you wanted in your life. 

3. You worry that people will lose interest in you.

If you worry that explaining your ideas, your creativity, or knowledge will lead you into shame and eventually people will lose interest in you, you might be completely wrong here. as far I know, discussing our creative ideas with the people who are ready to listen is the best thing one can do to brainstorm, learn, and gain knowledge. 

4. You worry about your capabilities and smartness to achieve things in your life.

E.O Wilson appropriately quoted “you are capable of more than you know. Choose a goal that seems right for you and strive to be the best, however hard the paths…aim high, behave honorably. Prepare to be alone at times, and to endure failure. Persist! The world needs all you can give.” Therefore, never doubt your capabilities in order to achieve goals in your life. 

5. You think that you will disappoint people who are important to you.

Answer one question for me, do you think that not fighting back or not fighting for your dreams will not disappoint people who are important to you? Seeing you losing, frustrated, and angry will eventually disappoint them more. Therefore, get yourself on track, learn resiliency, and achieve your dreams without having any fear. 

6. You never expected that you will succeed.

Indeed, life is an experiment in which you may fail or succeed. Explore more, expect least. Therefore, keep your expectations low; keep exploring your options, your ideas, your knowledge, and your dreams so that you can aim high to reach the success point. Stop keeping any kind of positive or negative expectations from yourself. 

7. You do not have trust in you that you could create or implement your own ideas.

You really need to trust your instincts in order to reach your goals without having or experiencing fear of failure. If you are also someone who does not trust yourself or your ideas, clearly it can lead to shame, guilt, and regret. Therefore, start working on your plans without even thinking about your success. 

8. You stress a lot about completing your tasks which results in an emotional breakdown.

Not completing tasks clearly shows a pattern of self-sabotaging. In order to reach your goals, you really need to motivate yourself to complete all the tasks on time without stressing about them. Stress can be avoided with various grounding techniques, self-care, meditation, mindfulness, and more. Trust me, stress-free life will help you in reaching your goals, will help you in keeping your mental health intact, and will protect you from having an emotional breakdown as well. 

9. You easily get distracted by other tasks or people who stop you from achieving your goals.

If you easily get distracted by other tasks or people and if it leads to fear of failure, you can easily overcome this problem with the help of mindfulness. Yes, mindfulness is a great tool to overcome distractions and other fears. Mindfulness can be learned easily, you can also add mindfulness with your meditation and yoga. 

10. You procrastinate a lot.

Procrastination is the major sign that someone is having fear of shame or failure. If you are also afraid of success and additionally you procrastinate a lot, you can tap your unconscious level. It will help you in living a stress-free life and will also help you in overcoming the fear of failure or shame. 

I hope this blog helps you in understanding the signs of fear of failure along with some effective ways to cope with the fear of failure. 

Thanks for reading! 

More power to you. 


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